Doctor Internet

I am a Lua Developer.

I am a Node Developer.

I am a PHP Developer.

I am a JavaScript Developer.

I am a Python Developer.

I am a DevOps Engineer.

I am a Team Leader.

I am a Systems Administrator.

I am a Community Moderator.

I am a Data Protection Officer.

I am ^800 Doctor Internet^500.^500.^500.

Who am I?

That's a great question. I'm a guy who does things, mainly with computers, based out of the UK. I started programming in 2012, starting with the Lua scripting language for a Minecraft mod, "ComputerCraft". From there, I moved into Python programming, taking both a GCSE and an A Level in Computer Science.

From there, I've worked in multiple fields; with my main outlet being a retained developer for Limelight Gaming and a Content Creator at GModStore, with volleys into other fields; including education and technical theatre.

I'm more than happy to discuss offers or requests for freelance development work (subject to my own availability); examples of my prior work can be found in the portfolio.

For any questions, or just a general chat, feel free to add me on Steam or Discord, at .doctorinternet.

Doctor Internet's Logo

Multiple levels of professional qualifications.

Years of experience in multiple languages, development processes and technology stacks.

Reliability through both technical expertise and familiarity with business requirements.

My History.


Started: September 2015
Ended: June 2017

An education in Computer Science, Mathematics, Sociology and Physics.


Started: September 2017
Ended: June 2019

Computer Science, with forays into Business and Computing Law.

Limelight Gaming

  • Developer
  • Community Moderator
  • DB / Systems Administrator
  • Data Protection Officer
  • Business Advisor & Company Secretary
  • Director of Technology
Started: June 2017

From a Developer, through to Community Moderator, Systems Administrator, Data Protection Officer and Business Advisor, Limelight taught me how to conduct myself, how to improve myself, how to build a product that I would use, and how to communicate that product to partners.

Wolfpack Networks

  • Systems Administrator
Started: July 2018
Ended: October 2019

The first time I entered a small business at a management level, Wolfpack gave me a great opportunity to ensure good processes were implemented from the get-go, with solid core infrastructure to back it up.

Photon Community

  • Core Team
  • Development Lead
Started: September 2019

My first dive into large-scale open source projects. Starting off as just a Developer, my role was to produce a stable codebase, used by over half a million people. Moving on, I was promoted into the Core Team, where my responsibility morphed into more general management, handling development, conflict between staff, and keeping the team ticking over.

Team Reign

  • Chief Technical Officer
Started: November 2019

Working with a friend, ensuring that their passion could be realised, to raise and develop a community. Of course, this required a fair hand on the community, whilst ensuring that services were stable.

Glorified Studios

  • DevOps Engineer
  • Systems Administrator
  • Community Manager
Started: July 2020

Entering as a Developer, DevOps Engineer and System Administrator for this small development house, it none-the-less provided me great opportunities. Not only did this allow me to continue developing my work with CI/CD systems, it also provided me with a greater exposure to systems within Steam itself.

Furthermore, after working with the company, I was also offered the role of Community Manager. Within this role, my duties include managing the moderation team, handling community concerns and feedback, working with the brand’s social media, and generally acting as a face of the company.

999 Emergency

  • Community Manager
Started: August 2020
Ended: February 2023

Joining as 999 Emergency’s Community Manager, my role is twofold. Managing the Community, and Managing the Team.

Managing the community involves communicating with the project leads and the community, gathering feedback, distributing news and ensuring all sides stay happy.

Managing the team involves assisting with promotions / demotions, handling inter- and intrateam communication, assigning goals and shifting workload to ensure the team remains productive.


  • Submissions Curator
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Community Manager
Started: March 2021

Originally entering as a curator for product submissions, gmodstore has allowed me to develop my skills in customer relationship management, acting as a point fo contact for customers, partners and content creators alike. Alongside this my role has expanded, starting from pure reviews of incoming products, through to moderation, standards enforcement and conflict resolution, finally ending in both managing a professional moderation team and community expectations and site-wide policies.


The L² Plates system.

The L² Plates system.

SVN Commit Graph

SVN commit graph, for the time within Limelight Gaming.

A clean and well-written Discord.JS rank handler class.

Part of a clean and well-written Discord.JS rank handler class. I also use dark theme.

GitHub contributions graph for 2018.

GitHub contributions.

Data Report preface.

I like reports.

List of developers that I manage.

I also manage people.

Photon Lighting Engine notifications.

I work with git, and love Open Source.

A Rockford PD vehicle..

Forrays into design and creative work.

The REP banners for Armacham Security, Armoured Sprinter and Casson Bus

Working within teams to deliver quality content.

The document store's document model, designed to make use of current best practices.

The document store's document model, designed to make use of current best practices.

The GitHub actions deployment log for the built documents.

The GitHub actions deployment log for the built documents.