Doctor Internet

I am a Lua Developer.

I am a Node Developer.

I am a PHP Developer.

I am a JavaScript Developer.

I am a Python Developer.

I am a DevOps Engineer.

I am a Team Leader.

I am a Systems Administrator.

I am a Community Moderator.

I am a Data Protection Officer.

I am ^800 Doctor Internet^500.^500.^500.

Who am I?

That's a great question. I'm a guy who does things, mainly with computers, based out the UK. I started programming in 2012, starting with the Lua scripting language for a Minecraft mod, "ComputerCraft". From there, I moved into Python programming, taking both a GCSE and an A Level in Computer Science.

From there, I've worked in multiple fields; with my main outlet being a retained developer for Limelight Gaming and a Content Creator at GModStore, with volleys into other fields; including education and technical theatre.

I'm more than happy to discuss offers or requests for freelance development work (subject to my own availability); examples of my prior work can be found in the portfolio.

For any questions, or just a general chat, feel free to add me on Steam or Discord, at Doctor Internet#0069.

Doctor Internet's Logo

Multiple levels of professional qualifications.

Years of experience in multiple languages, development processes and technology stacks.

Reliability through both technical expertise and familiarity with business requirements.


The L² Plates system.

The L² Plates system.

SVN Commit Graph

SVN commit graph, for the time within Limelight Gaming.

A clean and well-written Discord.JS rank handler class.

Part of a clean and well-written Discord.JS rank handler class. I also use dark theme.

GitHub contributions graph for 2018.

GitHub contributions.

Data Report preface.

I like reports.

List of developers that I manage.

I also manage people.

Photon Lighting Engine notifications.

I work with git, and love Open Source.

A Rockford PD vehicle..

Forrays into design and creative work.

The REP banners for Armacham Security, Armoured Sprinter and Casson Bus

Working within teams to deliver quality content.